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If an owner of a dog or cat services a pet when the pet should not be being cared for outside, the owner must keep the pet in a safe and properly cared for environment. The owner may not put the pet in a place where it can become an injury risk or a nuisance or where a person can be harmed. Many pet owners use pet sitting with their animals for recreation or for training purposes.

It is a taxable service provided that:

the pet is at least 16 weeks old; and

there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in the environment the pet is kept in.

The service is also considered a taxable service if it is not kept in a secure, pet-proof environment at the time (i.e., in a barn or barns with a securely locked, closed box) or if the owner does not keep the pet in a secure environment when the service is performed, is able to keep the service out of reach from minors, or uses the service for a legitimate purpose (i.e., keeping the pet company when the owner is away from the animal).

The service can be an essential part of the pet owner’s employment and, in some situations, it is tax exempt as an employer charitable contribution.

If an animal is owned while the owner is away, the service should be considered an integral part of that owner’s employment and should qualify as work performed outside the workplace. It is also a taxable service provided that:

the owner can control the pet at the time; and

the employee who takes the pet is not restricted from being away from the property.

Taxable animal services include services such as pet walking, training or boarding and pet sitters.

The Service must be provided for the following reasons:

to care for and keep pets, and

to assist people in maintaining or improving the environment where the animals are kept.

In addition, the service should include all of the following factors regarding the service.

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Why is pet sitting a “bundled product”?

Pet sitting services do a great many things. Pet sitting, however, depends a great deal on the situation. It could be used in a pet-friendly workplace environment by a person who can meet all the standards set forth above or it could be used by a person who has special needs such as learning disabilities who doesn’t have the ability to manage an animal outside of an employee’s immediate care.

What is the service offered by

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