Is pet shop a good business?

As we just said above, it’s good business to be a pet shop. It’s better still to get better and then use that to your advantage by taking more of our customers that have a different idea of what good pet shops should be.
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You may well want to have a shop where everyone is happy, a shop which caters to customers who are not only pet lovers and animal lovers but who are also a little bit lazy (like we all are). A shop in which all employees are professional and honest, and which sells quality, unique products in a variety of sizes and colours, and is able to offer a nice price. For these reasons we think the answer is to keep making our cat owners happy!

Now let’s start talking about some more positive things about your pet shop.

Pet shops are not closed to customers.

I hear this often from cat lovers. It seems that pet shops are closed to them in order to ensure loyalty and therefore to maintain the business, but in fact this is not the case at all. It doesn’t take long for pet shops to find new customers. Many cat owners don’t see the value of closing their shop – they just see an opportunity to get away from the ‘scary’ environment of a pet shop. And the reason for this is that a pet shop does not take a closed shop into account when deciding what to sell. They do not look at costs and prices together with what kind of product is needed. Because your cat or dog really wants to stay safe, you will not see it at an empty store. If you need a collar/leash which might be expensive and not available on your home, you may want to look elsewhere for this kind of product. And if those products don’t seem to be priced very low, they might turn you away!

This means that pet shops are open to everyone; no one is restricted to pet shops in their day to day life. People who might find a different kind of pet shop attractive are welcome to visit and be part of your shop!

A pet shop has no minimum number of products.

This is something that happens a lot in shops and a pet shop is no exception. But it is important to emphasise that when you are selling a product, how many pets will it be used? A dog who likes playing with a ball, a cat who lives in a small cardboard box and a dog who might need a bowl of cat food will all be able to use your