Is it illegal to have an unrestrained dog in a car?

No. A dog in a vehicle is not illegal, but if a dog is loose and unsupervised in a vehicle, and if you’re operating a vehicle, you must take special care to secure the dog and the vehicle, especially if the dog might be hurt. See our articles on securing your dog.

How long does it have to be in a vehicle in order to get a permit?

The permit is good for 8 1/2 months. You can get a permit at any time, even while you’re at work.

Can a dog be in a vehicle in Chicago while I’m at work?

No. Your dog must be confined in an enclosed, locked, locked and enclosed area. It may be able to walk away from the vehicle as long as it is securely secured and enclosed within the vehicle. This is called “safe distance” keeping your dog at the “safe distance.” You’ll check with your employer before getting a permit so that the dog is secured safely enough. If you do go a short distance when your dog is out, the time will be counted against the time limit.

Are there restrictions on what dogs may be inside a vehicle?

No. Dogs may be on the roof, inside the windows and even in the rear quarters. All dog owners must place all dogs on harnesses with a tether at least 18 inches long (this also includes puppies).

What’s the difference between a restricted or unrestrained dog?

Restricted dogs are those that are confined within the vehicle. Restricted dogs must have a harness, which must be 18 inches by 24 inches with a rope or cable that ties to the bottom of the vehicle, and must stay securely encased within the vehicle (see below under Dogs needing a tether).

Unrestricted dogs are any dog that’s not confined within the vehicle. There is no length limit on unrestricted dogs.

What kind of harness and cable work do I need to use to secure my dog?

You need a harness that has a 24″ – 30″ length chain with at least 10 inches of loop, a cable that is at least 2 feet in length (about three times the length of the chain) that connects to the harness, and a tether.

Any non-chain or non-loop cable is fine to use for secured dogs like retrievers, work dogs or purebred dogs, especially if you’re leaving the leash behind when you leave.

Do I need a harness to