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I am an independent dog walker who does regular day to day runs. I do not have a dog, nor do I have any contact with any dog handlers. I walk my dogs at home. As someone who has done this for ten years I know that being self employed and doing something you love is a luxury. Most dog walkers are not really self employed and may have a family or a pet. A lot of dog walkers also work as a trainer and are in the dog show business (in contrast there are a lot of dog walkers who are simply looking for a better job or income).

What’s needed to be successful in dog walking?

You need to: A) Be patient A) Be good at communicating and interacting with your dogs A) Have a very well planned schedule
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B) Have lots of patience and not allow those things to get in the way

Have good eyes

You need to see your dogs well. Do you see everything in the eyes of your dog? Are your dogs’ eyes always open and ready to see? This may or may not result in your dog’s being more well behaved in the morning.

Be patient

You need to be patient with your dog. Even when it seems like you are getting the job done, you should always continue to keep up your patience and give them the time and resources they need to work through whatever issues are at play. Most training dogs are not patient people. If they are it is often because they were not given the opportunity to work through the problem before they became frustrated or angry.

Be good at communicating and interacting with your dogs.

You need to understand and express in the most concise terms what it is that you are trying to communicate with your dog, in the best possible way you can.

When talking to your dog and communicating with him, always include eye contact, you need to know what is coming next, what has gone well, what can be improved and how to make it better.

Have a very well planned schedule

There are lots of things to do each day when it comes to dog walking, from what time to go to bed to how often to run. You need to have a clear schedule to make sure you are always getting the exercises and exercise your dog needs to get better. Do not let things go wrong, it will affect you and your dog if you do and they may come back to bite your dog.

Do you have a dog

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