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A lot of people feel that you need a large amount of insurance to carry and insure your pet. And the answer would be NO! Pet owners need to know that they have a number of insurance options available to them. What this means is that you do not need to have the biggest insurance policies to have your pet. Most insurance companies just require that you cover your pet once in a while. Some of the main insurance companies that do not require regular visits to your pet may require a monthly bill, but don’t expect it to cost you a fortune!

What about my pet cat’s license? If I have a cat in a residential neighborhood but I have a non-residence license, should I have a license for my cat, or may I just use my regular cat license? It’s always best to have a license specifically for the cat, rather than having any and all cats in one area. Some insurance companies may not work with multiple cat licenses, whereas others will work. The only way to be fully qualified is to have your cat in one area, or have all the cats in your house and neighborhood on one license, but that may not be feasible. As long as your cat is kept outside of your home, there is no guarantee that the cat will not be injured or killed or injured itself. Even if you do have a permit permitting cats, there is not a guarantee that they will work under any circumstances as long as it is indoors. However, if you’re having your cat on your street as long as you live there, there are still some situations where you want to keep your cat indoors. Most likely, you already have a separate cat license, and will be OK with that.
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What if I do not have any insurance for my cat and I want to let him walk around my property? What if I need to know when my cat comes home? When the cat is back at home, a number of things might apply, some very severe. He has to be properly registered with the city, and his rabies vaccination has to have been approved and given before he comes home. It’s better to start getting the vaccinations within a short time frame, however. If your cat is going to come back home to the park and then go outside there, there should be nothing in place in terms of the rabies vaccine required. He needs to be vaccinated and registered first, to make sure he will have the rabies vaccine.

What if I think my cat and I would be better off living together?

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