How much is a pet shop Licence? – How To Start An Exotic Pet Store

Licences are sold separately from a PetSmart® Pet Food Kit for approximately $17 with an additional $2.00 for each additional PetSmart® Pet Food Kit, depending upon the category.

Can you show me how my Pet Food Kit works?

Yes and no – here are the steps you must take to begin delivering your Pet Food Kit to a home or pet park based on the location of your new home or pet park. You will need to register your Pet Food Kit with PetSmart® and your mobile number when setting up your home delivery service or purchase your Pet Food Kit at an online store.

Can I choose which of your store partners will serve how many Pet Food Kits to me each month?

No. No combination of delivery partners may serve your Pet Food Kit or purchase another Pet Food Kit from PetSmart® in combination with your Pet Food Kit.

Where do I register my Pet Food Kit?

Register on our website to complete your purchase or visit your local PetSmart location to complete your order.

How many Pet Food Kits can I purchase for $17?

You may purchase up to 6 pet food kits when ordering your Pet Food Kit on or off site. No Petsmart® Pet Food Kit is included in the purchase price for Pet Food Kits less than 6. The Pet Food Kit purchase price is calculated based on all applicable sales taxes, shipping charges and any additional charges.

Where are my Pet Food Kits sent to?
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After you have registered your Pet Food Kit for delivery, your Pet Health Center will package your Petside Food Kit and a separate package with the required information (including a letter of acceptance and a receipt). Your pets and other guests, who have not registered for Pet Food Kit delivery, should return their Petside Food Kit to the Petsmart® location where they purchased the Pet Food Kit to complete the delivery process. Pets from a home with children under 3 will receive a free Pet Food Kit with each purchase and your Pet Health Center will send you additional Pet Food Kits only when your Petside Food Kit and your PetHealth Center delivery address are within a reasonable distance.

What if I have trouble with my Pet Food Food Kit?

You can return your package by printing a new delivery receipt and mail it directly to our Pet Food Kit return center located on our property. Failure to do this will result in your Pet Food Kit being removed from our system and, consequently, no food will be delivered. Please call us 24

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