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How much does a pet sitter make in a year?

A pet sitter makes about:

Predicting the next election is a dangerous dance, as both sides are known for their gaffes. But a small poll from a small polling firm could be a bit unexpected; it gives Donald Trump a small lead in the state of Florida, 45% to Clinton’s 43%. He leads the state by 7 points in CNN’s poll average, and he may still end up winning the state by a lot. So here’s a new strategy.

Pollster William McIntosh explains what’s going on as we try to make sense of this.

[Our data shows] that Clinton has more than a 5-point lead in a head-to-head contest with Trump.

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But not too many people are actually talking about the poll. The CNN/ORC poll’s average of the states is a 2.8 points lead for Hillary’s team.

The most notable omission is Florida, which has been one of the most likely battlegrounds in recent history. It remains too close to call, and a win by Trump would require a landslide.

The problem? The poll was from a tiny firm with a record of getting badly wrong in Florida.

The pollsters interviewed 1,014 registered voters in Florida from September 14-17. The poll sampled likely voters. CNN said their data is based on an automated call and therefore isn’t directly comparable with actual voter behaviors.

[W]e’ve been at odds with the pollster regarding the state of Florida for weeks now. The pollster has been telling us Florida is too close to call even after his numbers showed a narrow lead of 1 point in the past two CNN/ORC polls; he later issued a statement saying he was “shocked and disappointed” by the results. In fact, his polling had been extremely accurate, giving us a 4.1-point lead in August. So why the drastic turnaround? In a statement issued Friday afternoon, which CNN reported as it was releasing the final results, Pollster William McIntosh said that his firm’s methodology “is a bit off” in Florida. “In the days leading up to our last two polls, many of us in our poll group believed that we had a slightly better idea of what was possible for Donald Trump than what turned out to be the case. “But our results for Trump in the last two polls were off quite a bit. And this has

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