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Pet prices in Thailand are generally higher than those in other Asian countries.[11] For example, a 10-year-old purebred dog costs $15,000 in Thailand but at an average price of $4,700 in Malaysia. In the United States, a 7-year old dog costs $11,400 in the United States and an 8-year-old dog costs $15,200.[12]

Pet shops should be prepared to be cautious about prices. In most cases, the price will be well above a “normal” cost, but some prices will only be about a fifth the cost of a similar shop in another country.

Pet shop prices can differ from retail prices. Some shops have a more “discounted” retail price (i.e., they have a smaller or higher “special” price), other shops often charge a much lower wholesale price (i.e., they tend to have a “higher” wholesale price).[13] Most shops in Thailand sell both retail and wholesale prices, and a shop owner’s “normal” price will vary depending on how much retail and wholesale they sell.

Pet shops may have a low profit margin, but you’ll probably know this when you get a bill in the mail. Many store-owners have an average profit margin of 15%,[14] and some owners will have a 20-25% margin.[15] However, some profit margins are higher than this.[16]

Getting rid of your pet

In Thailand, pet shops are not allowed to sell pets that were not bought from them. If your pet shop doesn’t have your ID or a license number, they have no place to send it. Pet stores are usually only concerned with pet-owners themselves and will ask you to obtain a license. In most cases, you will be charged a small fee for the license, and most stores cannot help you obtain the license.[17]

In some cases, stores can send your pet to a shelter in the United States. Many pet stores in Thailand have their own facilities where dogs and cats can be registered with other pets and also sold to pet stores in the United States. Pets may be transferred from Thailand to the United States in several ways:

Owners can take a pet to the United States from Thailand on the Thai Airline.

The Thai Embassy will accept a Thai pet on their behalf.

The shelter can accept Thai pets on your behalf.

The city, county or province

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