How many dogs can you legally walk? – Pet Care Business In India

I know, the answer’s easy, right? You can walk as many dogs as you like from July 15, 2015, on up:

A minimum of four or six adult animals in a kennel is defined by the law as “a household having a permanent home”,

A kennel is only valid for one week and is suspended when it is used as a permanent residence,

Citing animal cruelty has been interpreted to mean, “a dog or cat has become unresponsive or aggressive with an intent to cause injury or to hinder or injure the owner or another person using the kennel or facility”, with no possibility of compensation,

A person who owns, works in, owns or cares for an animal that is at least six weeks old is a “owner or person having custody” and can “walk away” if the dog or cat cannot make a full recovery,

It has long been recognized by law enforcement and dog trainers that the most important thing to keep in mind when deciding whether to let a dog out for walks is, “is this behavior a sign of neglect and abuse? Does this behavior pose a danger to the safety of the owner or other people on the premises?”

Dog Walkers Should Be Prepared for the Problem

If you are planning to walk your dog as long as is reasonable from now on, you need to consider the following:

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