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You may own a dog but also want to ride with the pack — or just love your dog.

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According to the website, if you own a dog and walk him for up to 30 minutes at a time for an hour each day, you are permitted to take him on long, leisurely strolls.

And some municipalities and counties have banned the practice, while one Tennessee county has even mandated that an owner pay $250 to leash a dog when he walks.

Can you legally drive a horse in the front seat? (Photo: Getty Images)

If you own a horse and take him to the track and have him go about a 30-minute march every day, you may be able to legally drive him, too.

Still, do you really have to carry enough saddlebags to protect a horse?

The horse is considered an animal, and the rules prohibit the wearing, sale, or carrying of any dog around the horse, said Linda MacSweeney, executive director of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

If a horse were to get loose outside, you can’t get him back out unless someone is there to safely restrain him, she said.

“You can’t ride a horse because it’s an animal,” she added.

It’s a gray area in some states, especially in the Midwest, which has very few counties that require horse permits.

In Michigan, for instance, it’s legal to take an animal into a vehicle with your own livestock — just no horses.

“Horses have a very special part in the American identity but when animals are in vehicles, they should be protected as a special class of livestock,” said Michael Tabb, senior assistant attorney officer in the National Parks Service.

Some states allow driving of horses into vehicles, according to Tabb, but only in the event of a medical emergency or if they are in a hospital, veterinary clinic or veterinary school.

“You do not need to have a permit to drive your horse into a vehicle,” he said. “Just the opposite because it makes your life easier.”

In Virginia, however, it’s illegal to drive or leave a horse in a truck without a permit when the animal is tethered within a specific location.

And in Illinois, it’s illegal to leave a horse in a vehicle unless there is an owner present.

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