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An efficient way to know the length of a dog’s walk is to know how many days he or she can actually walk a given distance. One reason is that the length of a dog’s walk may correspond to the length of the dog’s life. For example, if two dogs are kept on constant motion together for a week, it may be the case that a dog can’t walk more than 60 days, or it may be possible that the longer time spent on walk may allow the dog to live longer. Additionally, many dog owners will tell you how many trips to the vet the dog has needed to get his or her health corrected; this number may represent the number of hours the dog spent in the hospital as a result of medical issues.

It can be very frustrating to find out that you were lied to about your dog’s walking ability, since the way an owner describes his or her dog’s ability to walk can be so much different than the reality behind the claims. To help remedy this situation, use our companion walking test with our Dog Walking Calculator.

What do two young Irish women from Belfast look like when they’re not wearing their Sunday best and sporting the most adorable expressions of emotion? The same way you might see them when they walk through the streets of Paris at 12:30 am—except instead of trying to fit in with the crowd, they try to fit in with you!

It wasn’t too long ago that young women in Ireland were living the lives of the good housewives of the 1920’s on Saturday afternoons to be admired. After all, the 1920’s were a time when men were expected to be masculine enough and strong enough to be men, but women had to keep their cool.

And with good reason.

There were many things to be proud of. Ireland had the best hospitals and teachers in the world and women were the backbone of Ireland’s economy.

Sadly—and not withstanding an 18 year struggle to achieve equality—the majority of women are still expected to be “good”. Which, admittedly, means always dressing in the most flattering way possible. And wearing your Sunday best the whole time.

“Irish women are still taught not to smile, not to smile even when it is funny — unless it is funny,” says Liane, an 18 year-old studying for the Leaving Certificate at the University of Ulster.

When asked about her experience with the “good girls”, she replies, “I was a bright, pretty girl when I

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