How Long Will homemade dog treats last?

We will offer you a discount by making a large quantity order or purchasing a large quantity of treats at $6.25. For example, if you are having a party of 40 people at your event and only need 60 treats, purchase a dozen treats for each person and put 10 in your bag. Or, if you have a large group of friends, and one person only needs 10 treats, purchase 20 (or one dozen) at $6.25 per person.

Can I use any kind of dog food for homemade dog treats?

All treats will be homemade and made with corn and chicken. If you purchase an organic or non-GMO dog food as a favorite item, you may use that option. If you find dog food that you want to save for a special treat (e.g., a puppy or adult dog), please contact us if you would like to include that food.

How can I keep my favorite recipe fresh?

Since homemade dog treats are handmade, they will be cold when they arrive. You can keep your favorite treat in the refrigerator for up to a week or two or keep them refrigerated and keep them in the refrigerator for up to 6 months or longer. Any dog food will keep and work for homemade treats in your refrigerator. Remember, all of us will enjoy homemade treats, but you may want to add some fresh seasonal food to your diet.

I live in a condo or house with a swimming pool. Can I place treats inside the pool or outside?

Yes! Place treats in the pool area of the house. For a house with a shallow pool, try placing it over a deck that extends far into the backyard. For more privacy and privacy, you can hang the treats indoors. If you live in a house with a deep pool, you may want to consider placing treats in the pool area when the dog is sleeping; put food in the pool area when he is bathing, or put the pool side in the fridge when he is on the way to the pool.

Can any food be used in homemade dog treats? Can I use anything that the dog cannot digest?

No! Anything a dog cannot digest is not appropriate. Dogs cannot digest foods containing soy, corn or wheat protein, or anything containing animal byproducts. Foods containing gluten, or other ingredients that dog cannot digest, are okay, but the treats will not be as tasty. Most commercial dog treats are created to mimic the taste and texture of food that they are intended to