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How much longer can you let your dog run loose? Does your dog deserve a free ride?

The short answer is “yes.”

You can leave a dog in a car or truck or boat for as long as he or she can stay, and it doesn’t matter if the dog ends up in a bad situation. While some dogs get into trouble if left for too long, in most cases they get better with a bit of help, and I will talk later about that.

If you take away a dog’s freedom for the sake of a parking spot and don’t give a reward, they could actually get out of their crate and start running, much like a rat. If the dog is allowed to “run free” for a significant length of time, the dog could wind up in an unpredictable situation and even attack you.

If there is a problem, give something, right?

In some instances, even though a dog is a free rider, you should still give your dog a reason to stay. In the case of a fight, I recommend that you try to teach your dog a good rule of thumb โ€” and that is give your dog a place to lay down and rest with your presence, rather than try to leave him there. If you do try to leave your dog there, you can always go back for him at a later time.

If the problem is more serious, you should definitely call the authorities first.

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Dog Fighting

If you are dealing with a problem dog and have a fight, you have the potential to get the dog killed. Remember, it’s not just you that is playing God.

I’m sorry to put this on you, but there are some situations where the best way out is through legal means.

The first, and most obvious, way out is in the United States, as the ASPCA makes clear in a number of places:

Under the Animal Welfare Act of 1972, the most direct way of protecting companion animals in the interest of animals is to enact legislation to eliminate dog fighting. It is the ultimate goal to eliminate this cruel sport. (Am. Stat. ยง 2103 et seq. (West 1994).)

So the solution is pretty obvious. A fight is not really an issue if you’re not the one in the ring. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s harder to let a dog run wild than it is to take care of it, which is a little bit scary, but

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