How long can you leave a dog alone legally?

Can I be charged with any crime if I let my dog come up and play with my children?

Can the person who owns your dog give him back to you?

Is it a good idea to keep my dogs around my kids?

Can you take my dog to the vet?

Should the police charge somebody if your dog bites someone?

Are you a good neighbor and will you take your dog for walks, do you take your dogs to the park, etc?

Can you keep your dog from being taken for a walk, if someone other than your dog is there to go for a walk?

Will you be there to watch them when they come back from a walk with your dog?

Can you get your dog licensed and sterilized? What is your procedure, such as how often you can have a test, should you vaccinate for rabies or any diseases they are susceptible to?

What if the dog is still aggressive after being spayed and neutered?

What if the dog doesn’t stop biting me after their license expires?

How are spayed dogs protected in my neighborhood if one gets loose and does something nasty?

Can you keep your dog around your family, especially if you have a young child?

Can you keep your dogs on property you own if the owner is a trespasser?

Can you keep your dog if you are sick, can’t take care of them, etc?

Can you have a dog inside that is dangerous or disruptive?

Can you go to jail for owning a dog who can’t be controlled?

How can an owner of a dog who has a dangerous temperament have them safely?

What if they’re not being controlled?

Can your dog get hurt, can they be killed, can they be taken in to euthanization?

What if you’re just doing this out of concern?

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Is it a good idea to let the dog go to your neighbor, but not their dog?

How about a neighbor?

Can you be punished if one of your dogs bites someone while your dog is inside their house?

What if the dog is at a party, and your house is open?

Can you have your dog leave the party, or be outside the party?

Are you allowed to have a dog inside your house if it’s not at your house?

Can your dog come at your house