How do I start an online pet business? – How To Start A Pet Shop

1. Choose your business model

An online pet business is different from a shop-based business. A shop-based business can be run as a single entity such as a retailer or an employee-owned non-profit. An online pet business needs the backing of its owner or operator to make sure the business is viable. An online pet business is built on user generated content that enables the pet owners to create and share their pet photos with their friends and family.

2. Create your online business

Choose a website name or description and start building out your online pet business. Your online pet business can be a self-help pet-related website or an online training-related website. When deciding what website or blog to create, select a name that is unique to the business and keep it relevant and current so clients can get involved. Your pet business name should also include a phone number and a website link that people can contact you through if their pet gets hurt.
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3. Setup your website

Before you start a new online pet business, you will need to setup a website. A website is where you can host your web pages and make it easy for friends and family to register and view your pet photos. A website is also where you can build your online shop, such as a shop-based pet business. An online shop-based business is built on the personal touch where owners and operators offer pet care, grooming and insurance packages.

4. Build your business website

Choose your domain name, which will appear next to your home page. Choose a photo for your website. Create multiple categories of your web pages and categories of your pet store on your web site. Choose an email address for your owner’s and operators’ email.

5. Create a Facebook group

Your Facebook page for your self-help pet-related website is the ideal place to build your online pet business.

6. Build your training website

Create a blog where you can share your training ideas.

7. Create a fundraising site with a web hosting service or on

Create a fundraising page for your online pet business on the web hosting service that can be accessible to your clients and volunteers. You can also do this online using WordPress with a free hosted WordPress software platform.

8. Create and store your pet photos in your web store

Create a web store and store your pets on it.

9. Promote your business on social media using

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