How do I start an online pet business? – How To Start A Dog Accessory Business

Step 1: Apply to the Small Business Administration

Step 2: Find your business plan

Step 3: Enter your business details

Step 4: Provide the business plan with an account description and details, then send it on to the appropriate Small Business Administration Branch.

How does the Small Business Administration process business plans?

There are two methods:

Processing through one of our Customer Service Centers

Processing through one of our Technical Services Centers.

Step 1: Apply to the Small Business Administration

Apply for Business Plan Application through the Small Business Administration at

A Business Plan form is for small businesses with at least 40 employees or $200,000 in annual revenue.

For smaller applications, there is no need for an application. For larger applications, an application is required and must be filled out and submitted online.

Step 2: Find your Business Plan

To find out more about how the Small Business Administration processes your Business Plan, you can view our small business planning guide.

Please note there is a fee for using this website.

Step 3: Enter your Business Plan details

The business plan section contains detailed information about who owns the business (your employees are listed); your revenue; expenses; profit and loss.

For example, a new dental practice with a sales of $50,000 in total annual revenue would be required to file a Business Plan with the Small Business Administration.

Step 4: Provide your Business Plan with an account description and details

It is essential to provide a detailed account for the business, such as how much it will take to run (e.g., rent, equipment, supplies, etc.); how many employees the business has; and how much total revenue will be generated by the business per year. The business plan also must be completed to accurately estimate total revenue for your anticipated year.

Step 5: Provide the Business Plan with an account description and details

You must provide details so that a person may compare receipts to your business expenses. For example, the sales tax deduction is only available for a business that is tax exempt.

Step 6: Process your Business Plan online

The online business plan application takes about 7 to 10 minutes to complete. If you do not have an account in the Small Business Administration or do not wish to be included in a program, you can complete the online application at the point

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