How do I start a successful dog walking business? – How To Start A Pet Treat Business

It takes practice. First the dog needs training and will need to be in close proximity to other people who will need to be alerted to their presence. Dogs walk better when they feel at home. Dogs need to be able to be with their human companions at all times and be able to look after themselves in a way other than a chase. A well-trained dog will look after people without question. This is an inherent part of a dog. Dogs will take orders and will know their place in the pack, and when they need to be called out to their owners. You must provide the right environment so that your dog will feel comfortable and at home, and a good relationship with your human.

What is the best training?

First learn how you can teach your dog basic commands. I am a dog training master, have trained thousands of dogs and have also studied the behaviour of most domestic animals. It takes an understanding of the basics of training, and then a degree in animal behaviour to develop your dog’s natural and instinctive abilities in this area. Training can be as difficult as you want, there are many techniques and tools available, you should always have a book with you at all times. A great book, that I highly recommend, is ‘A Better Dog’ by Wayne Giddens, published in 2010.

What is dog behaviour?

A dog’s behaviour is controlled by a combination of innate instinct (nature) and training (instinctive skills) and they also have to be taught something new to understand. If you can take your little boy walking to the park and show him a good time, don’t expect him to take to walking every day. He’s not going to become a normal walker. As your little boy develops his natural behaviour and becomes more comfortable with people he will naturally adopt a walker’s routine. By age 2 or 3 if he can walk without difficulty, he has already learned and internalised basic steps of how to walk. This means if you teach a dog to walk in a way it is better trained, it will automatically learn it’s proper place.

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If you want to train him to sit on its back, give it treats before it sits, then give it a treat when it comes back to you. Do this, then again after two or three days, then give it the same treat. Remember, you can train a dog in different ways to make it more confident. The main issue is to help it feel comfortable with the person with your dog

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