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You can buy “gold” coins just like the ones in the game. They work like a money. They can be exchanged for cash and used to make quick money in game.

How do I get those gold coins?

If you use a special “bank” you will find a gold box that have a big picture of gold coins. You can open that to receive a lot of gold coins. However you can only use it to make cash with the rest of the money.

Can you use gold to make money from crafting?

No. You can use gold boxes and gold boxes that have pictures of gold coins that you will get. There are some crafting recipes that you can use gold. For example you can use gold to make “Might & Power” crafting recipe, which allows you to make a level 60 character (but not as strong as you can from the game). You can also use gold to craft “Might & Health” crafting recipe which gives a much better amount of health to your character. As soon as a player dies his health goes down and he will need more health to stay alive during the following phases of the game: “Blood Rush” and “Sick Burn”. When players are injured they will need a lot more health to last longer.

How do I get the gold coins?

They are obtained through an item called “Gold Star” which is found in the “Money Shop” in the game. The player can only get gold coins from “The Price of Gold” in the shop. As soon as you obtain the gold star a new “special” box with gold coins will be opened, just like a regular box. As long you have money it is possible to make the “might & power” crafting recipe. The recipe is just like the old “mighty strike” recipe.

How do I get the old gold star “Mighty Strike”?

You can buy it from an NPC in the game. If you have money you can get the item. But it is only to use as a crafting crafting item.

Can I trade with other characters?
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The trade system is currently only available on the PC version of the game. For the console versions, you cannot trade with them, nor they can trade. You can however buy/sell gold coins they are not supposed to buy or sell to earn enough to buy/sell back the gold they have.

Can you kill other characters on the PC version?

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