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You can start your own dog business as a licensed breeder and/or business owner, or you can make a good business out of a dog that doesn’t have a health or behavior issue. If you do decide to start your own business or become a breeder, you must follow many laws and guidelines.

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“Shepard is dead, but a thousand soldiers died for her.” —Zarev “Zarev”, Lord of the Shadow [7]

Zarev was the original master of the Darkblade, a weapon that could channel shadow and turn people to a living weapon. Zarev took a great deal of pleasure in torturing prisoners and experimenting on his subjects during his military career. He and the Shadow Guard are usually seen in conflict with one another, although Zarev and his group were very effective during their occupation of the fortress of the Fade.

Zarev, or simply Zarev, was not actually an immortal, but rather an agent of the Shadow Guard. He could channel his shadow as soon as he was summoned, and this meant he could be killed during his activation by any of a group of soldiers and not turn back to normal.
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Zarev was killed during the end of the war on Telos; his body was not removed during the event, but was still in the tomb at Tarsis for millennia.

The Shadow Guards [ edit | edit source ]

The Shadow Guards are members of the Shadow People, who are a group of ancient and powerful people who still act, as well as fight, against the Fade. They seem to have originated a short time ago, with the Shadow Army being created with the aid of their allies, the Tehlin.

All members of the Shadow Guard serve some sort of shadow or shadow-like power. Zarev’s blade is called the Darkblade, and all members of his group bear it as weapons. Each group has their own specific role within the Shadow, such as hunting and protecting the Shadow People, as well as acting as scouts within certain areas.

Zarev and the Fade [ edit | edit source ]

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