How can I get my dog into modeling?

A: The best way is for them to try out for an agency, or find your dog-friend’s current agent if she/he didn’t work in modeling. Once a friend of yours is “ready” they’ll be brought to you. The agencies will send you pictures and tell you how they did. Remember to pay attention to how dogs fit in the outfits, and keep an eye out for a specific color to be sure you are getting the proper color. It’s good practice to look for a color that fits them best (not necessarily the same as you). And be sure to note the size of the dog, and it’s weight. A large dog can be very small in the outfit. And a small dog can be very big in it!

Q: I just came across your advice with my dog. I am trying to pick a color for a wedding dress. I am also trying to pick out a collar. Can you tell me your thoughts on each?

A: Color is the most important, and I’m glad you did mention it. The biggest difference from dog-to-dog and dog-to-human is the color. When people in dog-friendly cultures are in charge of choosing their clothes, colors are not a problem. In their culture, that would be a big deal! But when we enter dog-friendly companies, it becomes a lot trickier. Even within the same company, there will be a “color guide,” and the owners will make the colors as “true as possible,” but it’s hard to keep color consistent when you are putting together a few outfits every day. (It is especially hard to do with a dog because their clothes are so much softer and more comfortable.) My advice is to make sure the colors work for the dog, and that it will be fun.

Q: I am trying to get another dog. I can’t seem to come up with something that does not befuddle the other dog to such an extent that they get annoyed. I could not give you some advice, other than, “Get a pet sitter who is experienced in working with dogs on the day,” and try the other dogs out for outfits!

A: Just like all pets, dogs have a “signature smell”: their urine smells like fresh-cut grass. I could never get these dogs to smell the same as an apartment dweller, so I always put a collar on, and take these guys to my groomer (if I am in