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Dog Exercise Routines

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Pulmonary Function Test

These tests are the most accurate way to assess your dog’s heart and lungs function.

The dog is on a treadmill set at a speed the dog can move faster than 5 miles per hour (9.7 kilometers per hour). During the test, the trainer places the dog at a certain height and directs the trainer’s hand and arm movements in a straight line around the dog. The dog is allowed to rest as much as possible and are not allowed to sit down or lie down. The trainer may increase the speed, distance, or pace of time between exercise sessions. The dog may be encouraged to stand or lie on a harness so he can be assessed at any time during the test and not given any rest time during the test. Some dogs receive training for the tests.

The dog must have two or more feet under him on the treadmill; one toe below the other. For dogs with longer feet or feet in the air (such as poodles), the trainer may allow the dog to walk with his lower paw forward on the treadmill, placing the lower foot under him.

This test is only suitable for trained dogs; untrained dogs may not attend.

Your dog’s height and weight must be recorded on the charts.

If your dog can do 15 seconds, add an extra 15 seconds for the treadmill, because it is difficult to measure the time in steps between exercise sessions.

The trainer will instruct your dog to walk to the side or center of the room.

If your dog does not meet these standards, he could have hip dysplasia or a hip dysplasia.

Heart Rate Variability Test

You may also be interested in the Heart Rate Variability Test (HRV). This test is meant to evaluate the variation of your dog’s heart rate (the output of muscle/heart), within normal control levels. As a test of heart function, this test involves recording the average heart rate while your dog is actively doing a specified task. Some dogs may be able to be trained for this test and others may require additional training to perform it correctly. Some dogs may not be able to be trained successfully for this test.

This test is only suitable for dogs tested by a veterinarian who has been trained to perform it on dogs.

When training for the test, you should allow your dog to do something on the treadmill that he already enjoys. However, if you train your dog to

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