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It depends. The most successful Rover company has always included a strong base of suppliers from the factory in their supply chain. Other companies have also benefited from the brand’s reputation, so it is unlikely they want to move their business elsewhere.

But Rover is more than simply a car company. This can be recognised by the fact that over time the company has developed into a brand, not just the vehicle itself. Most successful auto brands have not just sold a single model. Rover’s sales have become so diverse that the company has its own line of luxury SUV vehicles and even a full Range Rover.

The company recently invested in its own car supply company so you can also expect more deals for its vehicles with various car manufacturers.

What has Rover gained from the acquisition?

The sale of the company will likely help Rover to attract new customers. As part of the sale, Rover will also gain the opportunity to build and sell more luxury and high-volume models – such as the Range Rover Sport. But the acquisition is also about the ability to diversify in the luxury SUV and premium car market.

What has Jaguar Land Rover gained?

The success of Land Rover is primarily about its success in selling cars under their own brand rather than being a separate automotive company which sells lots of cars under different brands. With the acquisition and its new role as a Jaguar Land Rover company in place, new markets will help expand their range of vehicles.
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So, while not every Jaguar executive will have gone to work at Rover now, it will certainly make the company much more comfortable when they do. But what will Jaguar Land Rover’s new company be doing?

In other Jaguar news…

Jaguar Land Rover boss Kazuya Tsuji is said to have been involved in talks to sell parts of the business to rival Land Rover (see latest updates).

What is more, the company will have to compete with Ford for the luxury SUV market, where Jaguar Land Rover has long been the biggest player. It’s all part of a plan to grow Jaguar Land Rover further, but will this come at the cost of the Jaguar brand, or is it a matter of time before the two companies merge, perhaps with a different name?

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