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We understand that you are probably working on a team and have a busy day ahead. That’s OK. With Team Manager you can be the one keeping the schedule sane, making sure everyone on your team follows the plan and keeping in touch with everyone. We also help you have a fun and challenging project! We provide a friendly voice and help you get a handle on your work.

You will work on tasks that are relevant to you and are relevant to the clients you work with. We are able to take on new tasks when appropriate and will have plenty of opportunities to help with your tasks.

We are a team and will strive to create a good, fun and challenging project every time.

How does this different from other project management and project management systems?

Team Manager allows you to be the manager of all team members, from your own direct employees to those working on your clients. In other systems, this can be used to create your own dedicated team of dedicated team members. At Rover we are more than happy to integrate, partner and work with other team management systems such as TeamMaster, Projectmanagement.

As part of our business model everyone on the team is in charge of their own tasks. No one else can assign or change the tasks on your team.

What if I have some ideas on how I can extend Rover’s product and have it in Rover?

There are lots of ways to extend Rover. We can support you by adding custom dashboards, creating additional roles, adding more tasks and even by adding custom integrations with our customers (like those from CRM or Salesforce). You can also ask us for help on an issue that you’re having.

We will do our best to resolve your problem and assist you with any solution.

If you have a problem that we can solve – like us failing with a dashboard, a product being misbehaved with an integration, we can probably help with that too!

Can you help with marketing and sales?

No – Rover is primarily a project management software. We’ve learned a lot from the marketing world but don’t work with any marketing tools. We work on the people, how and why they get involved, and how your product is used. We are happy work with any marketing tool or team manager (such as we use team managers internally).

What are some other benefits of being a client of Rover?

Being a customer of Rover is a real reward and we are

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