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There is a very specific law that prevents breed-specific legislation. Any pet that is a breed specific animal is a banned animal under state law. This includes dogs and cats, but not all.

Does the state enforce breed specific and breed-specific dog licensing ordinances?

Yes. Most of the legislation is written specifically around these issues and is enforced in many municipalities. So, there are ordinances in place for many types of dogs in a majority of municipalities.

Can I tell the pet store I am buying a dog from that I’m a puppy sitter?

Some municipalities prohibit the sale of puppies to individuals who are not licensed as a pet sitter. This can include some municipalities in Michigan.

Some municipalities prohibit the sale of puppies to owners who are not licensed as a pet sitter

If a pet store refuses to allow you to place the dog down for a pet sitter, you may ask them why – but don’t assume this is an indication the place has some kind of policy against it. If the pet store doesn’t want you to buy it, that may have nothing to do with the reason they don’t want you to have a pet.

Can a woman sit her husband’s dog? Can she buy it? Can a guy buy it? Must I put on a pet collar to take the dog? What about a pet-friendly school?

There are many types of animal licenses – some of which require special fees – some of which need to be renewed every 3 years. There is a big difference between a pet “license” and an “occupation” license.

Pets in Michigan are licensed through State Licensing, but it was not designed to provide a legal means of dealing with pets in many aspects. There are many license policies and requirements for pet owners. There are also many pet “owners”: local councils which set requirements for licensing, breed standards and regulations on certain types of animals, hospitals which issue licenses and veterinarians who treat pets (and, as a result, vets often give away their licenses). The list is quite enormous.

Michigan State Statute 595.064 provides that:

The Legislature hereby finds and declares that the adoption of animals by the public, by any person, for a specified lawful purpose, whether or not the purpose for which it is adopted constitutes a nuisance or violation of the civil or criminal law, is a legitimate purpose of the owner of such animal.

This provision goes far beyond ”

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