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Does your home owner’s association deduct pet sitters from their taxes? These are good questions to ask.

Dealing with pet owners who fail to pay what they owe is a difficult task for a landlord. If the home owner is unwilling to pay the amount due, the owner’s association could seek to deduct pet sitter fees, but this is not a simple or straightforward task. The association will attempt to calculate the amount the sitter will be responsible for and attempt to determine the amount of additional costs needed to maintain the property.

An association may be able to deduct your pet’s fees up to certain limits provided all of the following are true:

Your pet is a service animal or service animal assisted by an additional service animal. You will need to get your association to agree to an agreement covering the costs of this fee. You are eligible to take advantage of the pet sitter discounts that your home owners association is eligible to have you purchase. You are also eligible to join the pet sitter discount program offered at the association.

If the pet sitter is required to pay taxes, they can be required to pay taxes from time the tax year commences until end of tax year. This is because the tax year only begins on April 1 to December 31.

You and the cat/dog are the owners of the home and are the only ones with a valid home address. You do not own a pet from whom you expect to be reimbursed for your fees. If the owner fails to pay, the association may be allowed to deduct all of the pet sitter fees on your behalf (assuming you and your animal are the owners of the home). It is up to the owner to provide you with the required documentation.

If the owner is convicted of criminal charges that prevent the person from owning a pet, they can be denied participation because of the violation. If this is the case, the association is not allowed to participate in your pet sitter services for those who are prohibited from owning pets in the first place. If the pet owner is a child, the association is able to deduct these fees when calculating the applicable costs involved to own a pet unless child services or guardianship proceedings are involved.

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If you have questions that are not answered in this post, you can talk with your realtor to discuss your options with your real estate agent or property manager.

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