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We humans are very emotional creatures. But we also have an irrational response to seeing our dogs go into mourning. In their minds, they believe they are being watched to ensure their security.

Dogs are protective of their home – even if their owners don’t let them.

So they will react in certain ways – or not react at all – as the occasion arises.

Can these ways of grieving change in dogs’ lives when they grow up, or is that just part of their natural disposition?
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One example is that some elderly dogs appear to be reluctant to go to their owners’ house while they are visiting and to go to their baths in the afternoons.

This seems to be because they have forgotten a few facts about this house; that it was once a home.

How much pain does my pet go through by being alone?

People often find that their dog’s behaviour changes completely with little more than a day or two apart. When the dog has been away for several days or weeks, his behaviour can return to normal. When the dog has a shorter run of days or weeks, it can return to its previous habits.

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