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Dogs may seem sad when you leave, because they feel that they have lost a close friend, but research suggests that this is not usually a sign for sadness or distress. Many research studies show that dogs just need time and space to grieve for a loved one. In other studies, people show the opposite effect on dogs. While a dog might show sadness when their dog passes away, for example, research suggests that people might be more likely to be sad when their loved one dies.

A dog’s grief can also be temporary. “One study showed that dogs tend to be more sensitive to the loss of the owner’s dog,” says Dina. “But, if the dog is raised by another person, they might not show any significant response at all to the loss of that person’s pet.”

The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has published a study looking at whether Americans are doing enough to combat global warming. Though there’s no doubt that we need to address climate change, the Bureau found that many factors make America a much worse place than other countries at meeting the climate goals.
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The report found, among other things, that the United States has a far higher carbon intensity of economic activity than the rest of the world — and that we’re far more reliant on fossil fuels — and that it was the United States that suffered from a lack of leadership. Here are some of the most striking excerpts.

1) We’ve got a massive carbon emissions problem. Here the Bureau found that carbon intensity of economic activity was “on par, if not more, than other countries.” (U.S. carbon emissions, from 2005 to 2012, totaled just about 1,200 percent of the rest of the world’s. In other words: 2,500 percent .) “For the United States, this was a significant departure from historical behavior,” the report says.

And then the study goes on to say that “if carbon emissions are reduced, U.S. GDP would grow over this period, while other countries would experience substantial declines.” In fact, the study found that “if the United States and China each reduced their carbon emissions by just 5 percent, U.S. GDP would grow by 5.6 percent.


2) We’re burning a lot of natural gas. The Bureau’s study says that the U.S. is on track to burn almost twice as much natural gas as it did in 2000. It used that figure to conclude

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