Do dogs forgive owners?

Dogs of all ages can be forgiving, caring, and very affectionate. Dogs who are “bad dogs” can also become violent, aggressive, or even abusive. Some of the behaviors that could indicate a dog’s temperament or lack of self-control is a barking, chasing, biting, or running away. The behavior of a pet can also vary between people with different personalities.

There are some things that can help you determine if a dog might be destructive, irresponsible, or dangerous. You should also talk to your veterinarian to find out what’s the cause of the problem and help you determine if you can work together with your animal to solve the problem.

Dog aggression is very different from child aggression, which can involve aggression toward family members, strangers, or animals that are “too big for their cage” or in a “special place.” If a pet is aggressive toward you, your child(ren) or another pet, please contact the animal control or the local police.

How do I know if a dog is dangerous?

When a child or adult pet is behaving or acting violently towards you, or your family members, do not be afraid to get an expert opinion. Even a simple question about your pet’s temperament or your loved one’s own behavior will help you decide if an abusive behavior is warranted.

If you do decide that an animal is dangerous, then please call a dog behaviour advisor. An animal behaviour advisor can provide you with comprehensive research, advice, and practical help to deal with abusive pet behaviours. You can find a dog behaviour advisor in your local or state area or through the website for your nearest local animal behaviour centre. The staff at your local animal behaviour centre is licensed to help you resolve your pet’s problem, and they will help you determine whether an animal aggression is a legitimate issue or just a misdirected, inappropriate behaviour.

Can abusive dogs be rehabilitated?

Yes, it is possible to rehabilitate a dog that has made harmful and inappropriate behaviors in the past. However, once a dog has been rehabilitated, he will not need any more training, and the new dog will never behave in a similar way.

What if my pet is aggressive?

Any dog who is aggressive to anyone is abusive to them and his or her family members. If you think an aggressive dog is causing more problems in your home, please contact your local or state animal services department.

What if my own dog gets too aggressive or aggressive?