Do dogs forgive owners?

Are they able to forgive other dogs?

It wasn’t always that way. Many dogs have long-lasting feelings for their humans, and one dog in particular, A, has taught us all a thing or two about human-dog bonds.

A is a two-year-old Labrador Retriever who was left abandoned by his human family; although he was “just a puppy” when they put him up for adoption, A’s new home is a large, luxurious fenced-in dog house, complete with play pen, yard, and several trees and plants. His master and A’s new owner, the man who adopted him from his family, have shared lots of photos of A, including a family portrait.

The picture shows A lying on a huge white blanket as his owner, Mike Flemming, stands in front of the dog’s outdoor enclosure, wearing only a bathrobe. He is standing next to an enormous white bed, with the mattress rolled up against it. A lies across the bed, resting his head on Flemming’s hip. Flemming appears to be holding an enormous plastic dog crate, which is lined with fluffy white fabric and stuffed with other toy pets for his canine companions.

A is also visible in a photograph taken in a separate room, on a couch wearing a fluffy blanket, and with a pile of blankets on his back. There are large blue and pink stuffed animals on the coffee table; he’s wearing a yellow bathrobe and a pair of yellow socks.

Another photo shows A standing between Flemming and a white couch, with a small blanket covering him, as he sits on the couch in front of her – as if he is lying between two people.

A’s owner, Mike Flemming

Mike Flemming

This photo, in a separate room, also shows Flemming kneeling down next to something he believes is the couch – which turns out to be one of his stuffed cats. Flemming seems to be holding several stuffed felines in his hands as he sits at the edge of the room. One of the cats seems to be lying on the floor, while the other one seems to be standing guard over Flemming.

There is some mystery about the man who was posing with A as he posed with cats. He appears to be wearing a purple button-up shirt and white pants, sitting on a chair with his arms and knees spread out in front of him. It’s not exactly clear