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Dog owners must have a valid rabies license from the state of New Jersey to possess and keep a pet in New Jersey. Owners may be asked to complete the application in person at their local Department of Health and Senior Services (DHS) office, the dog parks, or via telephone at 973-698-2500.

If a walker carries out the leash law, an owner must be licensed in accordance with the New Jersey State Board of Veterinary Medicine (NBSV) and the New Jersey State Police.

The NBSV is responsible for approving licensure for dogs and cat owners only. However, some municipalities including Montclair, Woodside, Princeton, Trenton, and Montclair Beach provide a license to walk dogs in their municipalities. NBSV applicants must be members of a local NBSV member-run organization. Members of the NBSV may apply in person at any NBSV office either in New Jersey or by calling a member of the organization at the number listed on the application, or by mailing an application to: NBSV Office, Montclair Campus, Montclair Campus, NJ 07050.

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New Jersey City Police Department – Pet License

The Pet Police License is valid in New Jersey until July 7 of each year. Pets must wear the animal tags for that license year.

Dog walkers may carry out the dog law in New Jersey to keep their dog within the leash law. They must wear a valid pet tag when they walk the dog. A dog may only be kept for a specified number of hours. If your dog is unlicensed or unowned, then your dog can be taken into animal shelters for immediate euthanasia. New Jersey City allows pet owners to bring their dogs to the Pet Police located directly behind the police department entrance. There are three places to turn for directions to and from the Pet Police; the corner of Market Street from the corner of North Avenue, The corner of Fair Avenue from Fair Avenue, and the intersection of North Avenue from Market Street.

To obtain permission to carry out the dog law, pet owners must submit a completed application at the following city and County offices:

Dog Parks,


County Department of Health and Senior Services


New Brunswick

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

New Brunswick

In order to obtain a license to walk a dog in New Jersey City, the city’s resident must be eligible and be living in

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