Do dog treats have to be FDA approved? – Pet Business Marketing

I saw a post that it should not be. Is this a false statement? I think it is because your company is already FDA approved.

Yes. We are an FDA approved pet treat company and do only use pure vegetable based dog treats in our treats. However, we also have a line of pet treats that are FDA-approved. In fact, all of our pet treats have been thoroughly examined by experts and tested for safety, nutritional quality, and ingredients. We use pure vegetable based dog treats in our dog treats to provide a full spectrum of healthy benefits to our customers.

How long is a dog treat used for? Do you have to let people have treats to take home? My husband wants our old dog (which he has had for only 6 months) to have a treat as well!

It depends on the treat. If it’s long lived, you want to use it immediately. If you let some people take it home, you should let them try it out. If people really love the dogs, we will keep it for about 2 weeks before it can be exchanged.

How long does the dog get used to a treat before they need a new one? I have some dogs who are very fond of it before they give it up. Should I make the dog love using it on the first day we put it in her mouth?

I would only make a dog comfortable with a treat that they had been eating for a few minutes before. If you get a dog and they love just going straight into your hand without tasting it first, that might not be possible. I would just make them enjoy it as if they had to go straight to the food bowl.

Why would they need to be “sponged or rolled” on the face? I’d imagine they go into their mouths and then back out again.

For safety and to keep them clean and healthy they want to stay as close to their food as possible. They will need to be groomed to keep any excess water and saliva out of their mouths.

Why don’t pet owners eat the treats? I always make an exception for my three huskies because I don’t want them getting any sort of virus. The only other reason I have is because I’m not sure how long they are allowed to enjoy them before needing an offer! What do you think? Do you need to be concerned with people who eat them, especially if you are selling them? What do you think is best strategy to ensure they don’t

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