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No! The FDA has approved treats for dogs that are intended to provide a taste of human food, and for dogs who need human food as a source of calories or nutrients. Dog treats have no inherent health benefit to dogs, and have no effect on the body chemistry of humans.

What about treats that contain nuts or seeds that have been heated, or other ingredients that pose a risk to animals?

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This would include nuts, seeds, or seeds that have been heated or crushed in any way before they are put into the dog’s mouth. These products may also have added chemicals added to them, such as artificial flavors or colors.

What about treats that are cooked but still leave out the natural flavors and ingredients that help dogs feel satisfied?

Most diets today are made with real food ingredients, and these should be preserved. For example, a diet that contains canned dog foods may be partially cooked.

Are there concerns about the long term effects of long term overfeeding dog treats?

Yes, long term overfeeding can lead to obesity and a higher risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. But some treats are “breakfast bars”; some are “basket sets”; others, such as the commercial foods, are packaged so that the food may remain in the dog’s mouth for longer. The longer the dogs can have the food in their mouth, the more it will keep the dog hungry. The only exception is the dried treat products, which should be washed in cold water before continuing. The treats should be discarded after about 1 to 2 weeks, just as a child would with a dirty toothpaste or mouthwash.

Does it hurt to choke on treats?

Yes, and this can be especially dangerous to some kinds of dogs. For dog treats that aren’t cooked, a pinch is enough to make a dog stop eating. If it is a dog that is pregnant or nursing, they may need to be quarantined for a short period of time.

Can you use dog food that you buy from a pet store?

Yes. Pet stores that sell dog food are often willing to sell their foods to a pet food company, because they can guarantee that the food has been made with the best ingredients and that it has a high-quality label and ingredient list. Pet restaurants do not accept dog food that comes from dog food companies, however, unless that restaurant allows you to take the food home.

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