Can you sell puppies without a license?

Yes, please, but please, only puppy-curious puppy traders will do the deed!

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How long should a puppy be in my home before you let it out for the first time?

When the puppy is at least 8 weeks old it is safe to give it out to a new owner, but it is not recommended to leave your new puppy home at this time; your new puppy probably will not be as sociable as a pup under 8 weeks old! If you are choosing a puppy, it is most important that you decide your new puppy’s age prior to buying the dog and keeping it with your new home. You will also need information about the owner; do not assume the owner is the same person’s previous dog owner. Do not let anyone come to your home without a signed contract. Keep the puppy in a small, secure container. Do not let the puppy run, doggy paddle, and play without a license; puppies may act “suspicious”. You are also responsible for the actions of your new puppy. Never allow your new puppy to “lose its minds” or become aggressive as a result of being left alone with a stranger, even if the dog is a “loner” on a leash. A puppy that is aggressive, or even threatening, is considered sick or dangerous; if the owner refuses to take it to the vet, you will be responsible for this behavior. If you are concerned about your new pet’s behavior or safety, call the veterinarian immediately; ask for a copy of the current owner’s license.

Can I have a baby in my home?

Yes, you can, but only after careful consideration—there are serious medical risks to doing so. See our “Babies in the City” page for more information. And, please, please, never leave a baby alone with a stranger. If your puppy is uncooperative with humans and others, he should be brought to the vet and given a “goody bag,” such as a baby carrier, to be given to the baby when home (this can be very challenging for the new family). A baby may become ill because your dog feels threatened and can’t do what is best for him. There are many ways your new puppy can become a problem in the home. Always read the “Babies in the City” page for more information.

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