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I had a couple of friends, some of whom I knew but not as well. One of the guys was a retired police officer, and I knew his wife very well and knew her well. I was going to call into one of the local radio stations and tell them my story to make sure people knew the dangers of what I was doing, but instead, I ended up doing another job for this guy. He had a good clientele; his clients were like the military, or police, or whatever, and he kept them occupied. We had a couple of occasions where I had to take them to a vet for a drug test or something like that, so I guess some of them did. So I had a few people around, and I was never really looking for any big deal or notoriety or anything like that. I was just trying to earn some money and not be a threat. So I was doing this for about a year and a half now and my job title now is “dog walker”.

There was one guy that you met on another walk about a year and a half ago, and who you didn’t know very well, but your friend told you to meet him. What was the story?
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I had just graduated from college. We were driving around, talking about all sorts of things, and we were sitting at the stoplight about two blocks from my old house. And at that point, we had been living in one house for years. We were both having a lot of trouble with money. We were doing all sorts of crap. We were both married on our kids, and my wife was taking care of the kids, so I couldn’t do it all myself. So we both decided that we’d just go across the country to find some sort of work for us. We had to find some sort of a stable job and income, just to live. We couldn’t afford to pay the rent and bills on our little house. We did some digging around the other day and my friend had found this guy doing the same kind of shit that we were doing. And he ended up working at a vet clinic, so, we met, and we hit it off.

We talked a lot about being in a normal environment, but, my friend who I met about a year ago was like me. And I’m like, “Man, I wish I could go home, have some friends and stuff.” A couple of days ago, this guy called me up

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