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That’s what we’re trained to. That’s all we ever hear. We think everyone will know that it’s not just a hobby. It’s a serious business.

How do dogs get along on the track?

It’s like a race car. If you race a horse, you learn the rhythm, the way it works. You learn how a horse pulls. It starts off slow and then it makes its rhythm. Every horse has its own rhythm.

How does a dog react on a course?

A dog responds very differently to a course than a racetrack. That’s the big difference. They are trained to run at speeds where a racetrack is racing, and then they run at speeds where they are off-track.

So this is like a race in that way. You’re not going to go faster than you’re able to go. And we don’t say that to the race horses. You’re going to run slower than you’re able to run, but you should never go faster than you’ve programmed. You should never exceed the limit.

The dog is trained to run at speeds where it can’t go faster, but it is still able to run at speeds where it can still win. Just like a racer can still win races, but only if you make the best decisions you can, so that he can run at the speed he’s conditioned to run and still win races.

That’s just something we do. We train them to run at that speed, but, on the track, we make a decision. When we’re going hard, we make a decision to go faster.

How does an owner get his dog off the track?

Dogs are so tough on themselves. We have trained them to be like that. It’s why they’re a different breed [more aggressive].

A dog can’t handle a little bit of stress, and a race dog will. I’ve seen a race dog lose a race, and a race dog will win. We just have to keep training them to be hard-nosed dogs.

They can do what all dogs do. A dog can’t tolerate stress well. They can’t deal with being a little bit out of control. We’ve made sure [there’s] no running up stairs on the track to have fun like a racetrack can. It’s not like they’re fighting at the top of the stairs with another guy.

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