Can I make and sell dog food?

Yes, there are many resources out there for people who want to do this.

I was a veterinarian for several years in my country, and I’ve heard a lot about making the rounds on dogs. Is there any truth to it? If so, should I become a veterinarian? Can you please enlighten me?

There is very little truth to this. In fact most dogs will eat anything they can get their mouths around, but this would include any raw meat from the animal. Most of these dogs would have been eaten raw when they were living in the wild.

If you’re a veterinarian and would love to see more people become veterinarians, please visit: for more on this topic.

What role should I play as a volunteer to feed dogs in the community?

Volunteers do have a role to play. At our dog rescue organization, we are providing food to dogs, and this means we get a lot of referrals from local animal control agencies in the area. Some of the other organizations in our area that are providing food to dogs are: (where dogs are being sent for adoption),,, and While most of our dogs are in rescue, we don’t get referrals from them directly; they are volunteers who love and love dogs very much and have made an effort to help all of our dogs.

Do you have a list of dog food recipes that are safe for most dogs?

It’s a long list of recipes. But it’s mostly safe food that’s been prepared in various ways. I have been asked to add a few recipes, and hope to add many more over time.

What if I want to know the ingredients and nutrition behind my dog’s food? For a vet, what would you advise?

For those of you who think your dog’s food is too easy to just give to your dog without any input from the vets, remember one of the most important things is “it’s a dog.” They will have their own set of preferences and concerns about their dogs