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Yes I have bought it but it is not as good as what I can afford when i go to the shops, but not much,


Post 28 I saw a news item in Sunday’s paper concerning the sale of canned fish. It was to be sold in supermarkets in Australia. A member of our household had bought it and had just found that her dog ate half. They went to the store to ask why but no one could give a straight answer. In the end they gave her the food.


Post 27 I was thinking how the canned tuna was a very good source of protein and that some people claim that the fish in the fish are not fully cooked. I found the following information about fish and the canning process. I believe that canned fish should be eaten raw, in their natural state. This is why fish is cooked and why canned tuna can sometimes be a health concern.


Post 26 What can people do to avoid canned tuna? What is a better choice in meat alternatives, poultry or fish?


Post 25 I bought two cans of canned tuna a few months ago. One was tuna and the other was cod. They sold them for 20 dollars. I bought these in the same supermarket the same store where this article came up on the news. And, they weren’t even good. They were oily, with lots of white fat on them. The cod was still good. The tuna was very fatty. I had no idea fish would be so fatty, and canned tuna has never tasted better. I love tuna but I feel that they have been ruined due to “the convenience of canned tuna.”


Post 24 How are the canned tuna and sardines different and what is the meat actually for?


Post 22 I purchased a can of tuna and a half bottle of cod. the fish tasted exactly like fish. the cod tasted just like it tasted on the canner. it is more expensive than it should be for a quarter pound can of tuna. but it is also less fatty. how about adding more cod to the canner?

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Post 21 my son and i eat canned tuna and sardines all the time. and i don’t eat any beef because i know it is high in salt. so i always look for alternatives to meat and i can get a can of tuna and some sard

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