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If you are currently self employed and have been for longer than 3 months and not more than 4 years, you must apply to join the RSPCA.

For more information on taking part in activities for your benefit or credit, please contact Customer Services on 0345 400 9994 (free) or 0300 500 2000.

What kind of dog walkers are eligible?

Anyone who walks a dog for recreation and is over 14 is eligible. Please refer to the ‘Rules’ for further information.

The RSPCA have a range of walks for dogs, you can check the ‘Meetings’ for any walk near you on the RSPCA website.

What constitutes a dog walk?

A dog walk includes

walking a dog in the morning, evening or any time during the day unless such a dog is being walked by a person under the influence of alcohol or any other drug or is on a long term sickness leave.

walking a dog while being accompanied by a person under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. In this case a short term sickness leave must be taken first.

walking a dog in the afternoon and evening.

walking a dog in the morning and afternoon.

These walks are designed for personal enjoyment and do not form part of a day to day activity, which is defined as any activity which, in itself, involves a risk of injury to humans.

How do I register to join the RSPCA?

You will need to complete a ‘Registration form’ in store at any RSPCA branch. Please note that the RSPCA does not recognise overseas addresses as being a registered address.

For details of any other areas of interest within the local area you can email RSPCA at [email protected]

All registration forms from RSPCA branches are made available to non-members in a secure computerised format and will only be downloaded for the purposes of completing the form. Please ensure that your login details are correct and updated prior to downloading the form.


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