Are dog walkers self employed? – Pet Care Businesses

Most dog walkers self-employed do not work for the agency in which they are employed. However, some dog walkers do work for a travel agency while travelling. Other dog walkers work for a professional dog walker in their own home setting or work with another person while on a work or study visa.

Do you pay taxes on income, and is you registered on a GST/HST Return and who do you supply tax information to?

You should complete a GST/HST Return if you self-employed, although you may need a GST/HST Return in some circumstances. You can obtain a copy of your GST/HST Return by contacting the person who issued your GST/HST Return on 01-800-973-2131 or call 1-888-482-4036 (TTY) or 1-866-653-3666, depending on location. Also, make sure you submit your GST/HST Return electronically to the CRA at:

1-800-973-2131, TTY line 1-866-652-3666


FCC Public Inquiries at 1-888-268-3488 (TTY line 1-866-332-6382)

If you are self-employed and you are not registered for GST/HST, please contact the CRA at this link for more information:,eng+v+cra_ann_res+informe

If you are not registered for GST/HST, you may have to pay taxes by withholding or tax credit on your return. You will need to complete the withholding withholding form (e-717) by mail if you provide an employer for the GST/HST. The tax credit form (e-717) you need to complete will be mailed to you when you file your GST/HST Return.

Can you work in Saskatchewan in the summer?

Yes, you may work in Saskatchewan for a temporary period of up to 60 days in each of three consecutive calendar months of the summer.

If you work with a company, you can complete Form E-20 and upload it to Form 200, Employee Identification Number, and complete it with your employment information and the employer will add you to the payroll

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