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Yes. Pet food contains ingredients that may cause allergic reactions in those allergic to these ingredients. Always check the ingredient label and ask about the specific ingredient before you buy it. Read the package or label carefully to be sure that it does not contain ingredients that may trigger allergic reactions.

Munich, April 15th, 2017: We all know, that as a person with a car in the road you will be tempted to use one of the many alternative roads which don’t get you through the night. This article explains the pros and cons of driving on the Autobahn and whether you will get as far as your local car park in the daytime or in the morning (especially when you are tired).

The best way to get from A to B is by taking the train or bus to Bahnhof, Munich, and then taking a cab in Munich. If you prefer not to drive, you can try to rent a car and then arrange it with a local hire vehicle to take you to the destination from where you will be driving.

In summary, the Autobahn is mostly for the car owners who commute, so not very useful for the tourist – especially for a weekend stroll. The only thing you could take for granted is the car as the journey is very long (see below) – there is no other public transport.

We will use the examples of the following towns for example.

Tolcie (near Büchle): The first part of the journey is taking the train to Guterspreis, and then a bus to Röhmen from Tolcie to Pilsen. After that you will probably make a car rental from Guterspreis to the town centre and then an easy drive on the back to Tolcie to your hotel (the best time to rent a car is after a couple of hours before or after you want to come back, so in case of a rain you cannot return too quickly). In total the trip takes about 6.5h.

Guterspreis (near Büchle): A good place to start the journey is to catch a train from Guterspreis to Tolsbuch and then on to the town. You can take as many rental cars, as you like, as you would like to take the train – and it takes about 20 min from Tolsbuch to your hotel in Tolsbuch (after you have been there 20 mins, this is the last waiting room and they

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