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The federal government has set standards on what dogs can and cannot hold and have with them as part of the pet industry’s animal welfare requirements.

The rules for dogs and cats are more specific than those for birds or lizards; in Canada, they focus on what dogs can and cannot do with a treat.

However, according to the Canadian Pet Ownership and Care Advisory Committee (CAPAC), no dog or cat treats are regulated under Canada’s Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act.

What are the health and safety issues with dog, cat treats?

It is not clear what amount of preservatives are added to dog treats.

In 2015, two pet owners were killed in the Vancouver area when another dog ate a treat.

And in August, a Montreal teenager was killed after being attacked by a dog.

According to CAPAC, the dangers for pet owners are “significant … given that treats might contain ingredients such as MSG, and can also contain traces of toxins such as formaldehyde that may be harmful to pets.”

They include:

Fruity, sweet, or syrupy flavours that might have high levels of trans fats and monosodium glutamate as food additives;

Foods that are high in preservatives as an ingredient;

Sugar that may reduce a dog’s appetite;

Foods with alcohol, MSG, caffeine, and gluten.

Some animal health experts, however, say that preservatives are a necessary component of dog treat products to maintain their quality for long periods of time.

What are other common ingredients in dog treats?

Dog treats often include other ingredients, such as spices, soybean oil, and a variety of fillers, fillings, binders, and sweeteners.

The Canadian Pet Ownership and Care Advisory Committee has issued safety statements for many of these ingredients.

The statement notes that some food-grade fillers might irritate or aggravate animals, and many contain artificial colorings and additives.

However, CAPAC notes, most ingredients do not pose risks that result in any type of disease in dogs or cats.

What are the foods that contain preservatives?

Dogs and cats do not have to eat the same amount of food for life to experience some of the concerns about food preservatives, especially if they are used long-term.

According to CAPAC:

“Preservatives can be dangerous to pets, as they

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