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“The guy that’s been there for a while is a very important part of the team,” he said. “You have to have a good bench. I think you have to be sure he has some confidence in you, especially coming off injury. When he does sit you go out there and do what you have to do and you have a chance to win. The more confidence you have, then he can trust you.”

Sitting alongside Curry in the Warriors’ locker room prior to Monday’s game, Kerr was asked about the possibility of Curry sitting down for his post-playout physical. The reigning MVP told reporters he hadn’t had the conversation he planned to but was willing to give it a go given the situation.

“Well, it sounds like something that needs to be discussed and then I’ll go into the details with it,” he said. “It sounds like he wants to be a part of it. When he first gets into the league, he was doing it a little bit at first and then then came over here and started doing it a lot. I think it’s a great thing for his health since he’s been able to use it at times but he’s got to start at the beginning and not wait until he’s fully recovered. That’s when he can really go out there and do it, and be able to play.”

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An artist’s rendition of the NASA mission to Mars with a lander and rover at different stages of the journey to the surface, as well as an animation showing the arrival of the rover on Mars. A mission to Mars is expected to last for about a decade

NASA is taking advantage of the popularity of space exploration to raise money for a key mission in the coming years, officials said last week.

The mission to Mars, which has been called the most ambitious effort ever undertaken by the United States, could help fund the cost of future planetary exploration missions that cost millions of dollars, such as NASA’s asteroid mission slated to reach the red planet in 2021.

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The “Mars 2020” mission will be launched as part of the Mars 2020 program, which the agency began in 2014 to launch spacecraft to Mars in 2022 or 2024. The Mars 2020 mission will be an Earth-orbiting orbiter and lander that will provide evidence of life on the planet, and could help determine whether life ever existed on Mars to date.

NASA will announce next month whether or not it

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