Who is the best life coach in the world?

Why is that question still asked? Why is it in such high demand? And why is it such a hot topic in our personal lives?

A recent Pew Research Center poll found that while most Americans are satisfied with the general experience, two-thirds feel dissatisfied with the individual part. And most people (63%) agree that if you want to make a significant impact on your career, your personal life is likely to be your top priority. That’s according to our latest Global Report, the first of our four annual reports about how people around the world use the Internet to connect, collaborate and learn more and how they make use of this new technology of our world – as well as how they are using it to help one another learn, connect, solve problems and learn more about themselves and the world.

Here, we’ve mapped how people make use of the Internet globally. This report was commissioned by the Pew Research Centre and conducted in partnership with other media organisations and other research groups in 60 countries; a total of 3,700 people participated. We’ve also produced a map for each country at the bottom of our website for each year.

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It’s almost certain that this week President Obama will travel to Baltimore to address the people affected by a week of unrest in the city following the death of Freddie Gray. The president’s visit will happen before a White House ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of the passage of the 1994 law known as “Riot Act” that increased the penalties for rioting. “I’ll be going to Baltimore to meet with the survivors and families of violence that took place there over the weekend,” Obama said in a statement Friday. “I can’t imagine an America where we don’t talk about those who’ve died in police custody. Today’s violence is no longer just the product of the bad decisions of a few bad people, but a part of a larger crisis in our politics and in our nation. It’s time for us to get serious about what happened when young men are gunned down in front of their mothers and fathers, or in the parks, on the streets and in their own neighborhoods.” He also said that the city should use its new powers to investigate and prosecute its police department for its treatment of Freddie Gray. “I’ve ordered the Department of Justice to establish a federal civil rights investigation into the excessive use of force against Freddie Gray,” he said. “The United States Department of Justice must also take appropriate action against the officers responsible for depriving Freddie Gray of his civil rights and violating his constitutional rights.”