Who is the best life coach in the world?

Well, I don’t use any of those words — I don’t believe that there is any other life coach out there like me. Not because I’m special. I just don’t want to get too deep into specifics, but there are some who are great. For me, there are two great ones.

I believe that this is a very important question, and this is one of the reasons why I have to answer it in writing.

I want to say the title of this blog isn’t the best thing that could have be said. The title of this blog is the name of a book – and that’s true. The author of that book is called Daniel Pink, and he has a lot of very good advice. I’m very fortunate to have someone like him.

The title, “The Happiness Hypothesis,” says that everybody around you seems unhappy. The truth is, everybody is unhappy, and this is not true – this is in the first place completely false.

No, no, no! It’s not what people want to hear, but the fact is that nobody is unhappy, nobody is dying, nobody has been killed, nobody’s been hurt and nobody has been raped, nobody has been murdered, and everybody is doing amazingly well. We are living in the best conditions that we have ever known.

OK! Let’s listen to some examples, starting with a question of how to live your life and how to improve those conditions. And finally, what’s your opinion of my book?

I want to hear a couple of questions.

Do you think that this life is worth living?

How can we improve this?

Do you think there is something wrong with you?

I want some examples from my life.

As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of good things going on in my life. I don’t need to mention every single one. I’d like to focus on the positive things only, but if you will allow me, I still want you to listen to some of my examples. You can find them at the end of this post.

If I could start a small business today, I would. I believe that the best way to improve your life would be to start your own business. I was living alone for a long time, and I was miserable for the past 4 or 5 years – my life was really terrible. After the death of my wife, my life was even worse. The things that got