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Noam Chomsky, author Of Gramma’s Children

Noam Chomsky has authored many articles and essays about American politics, including his book Power Systems.

In his latest article Chomsky claims it is the CIA – not Russia – that is using the internet to destabilize and defeat Putin’s regime. According to him: The CIA in particular has made quite intensive use of the Internet in recent years.

Chomsky’s claims are completely unfounded. In fact, US intelligence has extensively used the internet to disseminate news and propaganda for years. Chomsky’s article also ignores other prominent media sources who have been critical of the CIA’s internet propaganda.

Chomsky claims there is something wrong with Obama’s foreign policy: “We’ve got to see the Russians trying to destabilize the regime in Moscow.”

What the CIA do or don’t do to destabilize a country is none of the government’s business. The Obama administration has consistently refused to join the calls among several UN member states and other organizations to stop destabilizing Syria. The US embassy in Moscow has repeatedly refused to sign a UN Security Council resolution calling for the US to respect international law and cease military operations in Syria. These statements are consistent with US military actions in Libya that have resulted in the rise of ISIS.

Chomsky’s claim that Russia has been destabilized by the US is an over-simplification. The US backed the coup that overthrew the elected government of Ukraine. The US continues to support the overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine in a violent campaign to ensure that Ukraine remains an anti-Russian country that remains under US control. The US is also funding opposition media and anti-Russian protesters on the ground.

On November 11, Chomsky released a video clip from his recent appearance on PBS in which he alleged that Russia and Syria (also known as Iran) are using the Internet to undermine the US government. This type of argument has been used by a wide range of individuals in the US and around the world.

Do Russia and Syria have the right to use the internet?

The Russian government has denied the validity of Chomsky’s claims. The US and much of Europe claim the internet is a weapon in the hands of foreign governments attempting to use it to influence the US and other democracies. Russia has responded to this argument by pointing out the US and other foreign states have used the internet for military means to destabilize other countries for years.

The Obama administration and its supporters have also used the internet to destabilize

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