Who is Oprah’s life coach? – Coaching Business Plan

How much does Oprah’s lifestyle cost?

Is Oprah’s hair more natural than anyone?

Who invented the Oprah effect?

What should Oprah’s body type look like?

Who was Oprah’s college roommate and why did she break up with her?

Who was Oprah’s childhood bully, and where do they live now?

What is Oprah’s favorite colour?

What kind of food does Oprah eat?
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What is Oprah’s favourite dessert?

Who is Oprah’s inspiration?

Who is Oprah’s favourite celebrity?

Who taught Oprah to cook?

Who took her cooking classes?

How did Oprah’s mom start out on her own?

Who had what kind of business when she was a girl?

What do Oprah’s parents do for a living?

How did Oprah’s dad end up as a model?

What kind of job does Oprah have?

Who is Oprah’s biggest fan?

Which celebrities do Oprah like?

Who is Oprah’s biggest critic?

What do Oprah’s friends do?

How did Oprah’s family get their name?

Who is Oprah’s most trusted friend?

Was Oprah’s first job as a secretary in an advertising agency?

What do Oprah, her mother, and her dad all smoke?

Who is George Takei, and where do they live now?

What do Oprah’s parents like to do?

What can Oprah’s closest co-worker do for her?

Can Oprah keep out of trouble with the law?

Are all Oprah’s friends the same?

What does Oprah do for fun?

What kind of food do Oprah’s children eat?

What is Oprah’s favourite perfume?

Which celebrity was a celebrity crush of mine?

What did Oprah do when she was a teenager?

What type of music does Oprah like?

Who gave Oprah her first big break?

Who is Oprah’s greatest admirer?

Who will become Oprah if she ever does get a show?

How would Oprah’s father change her?

Who is Oprah’s secret admirer?

When Oprah turned 13, the only thing in her life was to try hard and achieve success. It was an impossible dream, and yet it was hers to achieve as she lived her life to the fullest. “I was determined to keep going through

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