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The best way to evaluate coaching is not to compare teams, coaches and programs, but to observe coaches in action on the field.

Many coaches like to look through games, and they may try to identify the best way to create a competitive advantage on the field. But it’s also true that the difference between a dominant team and a weak team can be measured in many other ways.

Here’s a list of coaching certifications I use:

Certifications offered by a different organization or organization’s parent organization, not the current organization with which you may have a relationship:

Certifications offered by a different organization as a part of the same organizational affiliation:

If you think of many certifications in this list, it’s important to note if the certification is offered for other organizations. This type of membership usually involves significant financial commitment, membership in a conference and many other perks to be considered part of the organization, and is not something to blindly do for the love of coaching.

If you believe a certification is a fit for you, it’s important to research other organizations offering certifications that provide similar benefits or if that certifies a particular type of teaching. For example, if you think of certifications that are available for teaching from the university level or higher, you should explore how those certifications might work for your specific teaching needs.

What is a cert?

What is a certification and how should I know it?

Qualified coaches can be defined as those who have achieved a minimum level of experience that is deemed satisfactory to satisfy the requirements of a certification. To be qualified, coaches must pass at least three exams. The most common exam is the GRE test on the subject that is used to determine qualification.

When a coach passes an exam, they are considered qualified. If a coach has earned the certification before then, the coach becomes a certified coach. If a coach is certified after the first exam, they are still considered qualified but will likely not earn the certification before the second exam.

What is a standard exam for?

A certification exam requires an overall score of at least 75 on the GRE exam or 90 on the GMAT or 60 on the SAT. Other tests are also accepted such as the INFP/NFP scale, MCAT score and GPA test. If a coach holds a qualifying credential or is otherwise qualified, he/she can opt in to the GRE exam.

How do I prepare?

For me, the

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