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We evaluated coaches based on the following:


Attitude toward the coaching position

Personal integrity

Value system


Coaching Experience

The average time to become an NFL head coach lasted 4.8 years. This is a very long time to be in charge of a staff and be a part of a team that will win more than 80 regular season games. Also, the average head coach took home an average of $2.5 million a season.

Teams that signed on to hire coaches in 2010 saw their average pay increase by an average of $1,061, or $1,000 more every year. This is because some teams were hired on short notice and others were hired with more money than expected. In terms of coaches’ salaries based on NFL Network’s contract analysis, the biggest jump was for the Detroit Lions where Jon Gruden and Jim Caldwell were paid $3.1 million over five years.

The average salary in the NFL has been dropping for years and it seems that the league will continue to cut costs if they don’t see growth in the player base.

In terms of average salaries, the following average salaries per year have been reported by the NFL:

Year Average Salaries Player Year $1,000,000 Year Over Year $7,000,000 Number of NFL Head Coaches 2011 11,080,000 $5.5 million $14,857,500

Top Coaching Credentials
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The new, $7,000 smartphone may be one of the best-selling smartphones in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, but Google’s chief executive was just caught out on record claiming that the device is the company’s “most secure product ever.” To support such claims, the German maker of Android phones has released security patches (patch 8.11) that are specifically for the Galaxy S4. However, those patches have reportedly been so flawed and badly configured that not even the NSA could get their hands on them.

According to a report from Der Spiegel, the “most secure” smartphone ever is basically a giant smartphone that is so incredibly easy to install that you don’t even need to think about installing it because, you know, it’s just such a perfect device. While the smartphone is only the second most sold in Europe, it is the only phone that’s actually capable of being installed by a user with the right instructions, and the only one that can be installed “completely securely”

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