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Coachings (teacher-approved lessons) are free. If you are offering lessons, contact your organization to see if they are already offering them-they will probably charge you a small premium for their time. Please do not assume that a non-profit or religious school may or will offer lessons.

How do I get out of my agreement if a school no longer accepts me as a registered teacher?

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Contact my organization and inquire where to start. Ask where their current programs are and try to meet with a teacher to get a feel for the school, but do not be afraid to go back to their current school. If you are unable to meet, have them call you again and ask you to provide the contact information for the new school to which you are resigning.

If your organization is a non-profit, you are more likely to find that your agreement is not terminated if you are able to keep a running conversation with the organization about your experience. This is a valuable conversation, as it provides some insight into why you chose to take this position, who you want involved (for example, an assistant or department head), how they expect you to engage and communicate with your students, their practices, and their leadership structure.

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