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The answer may lie in how they help people. They help you learn to see yourself through different eyes. They help you build confidence without hurting your ego. They give you a sense of purpose, giving your life meaning by using different parts of your life for different purposes. They give you a sense of happiness. They help you see life from a higher perspective. They help you grow with life.

So what does life coach mean? First, it’s the expression of your life. We often think of our lives as a single “story”. But the story of yours is always changing. That is simply the life coach’s job – to help you make sense of your life and make sense of where it is going.

Life coaching is about changing the way your life works – by making decisions about what to do, how to get there, and by changing who you are in the process. It’s about changing perceptions. It’s about how you see yourself, the world, and each other. It’s about seeing everything in a new light. And it’s about changing the way you see yourself – by learning from others, from the past, and from your own experiences. It can happen over time. Or it can happen suddenly.
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What you see is what you accept.

You may not see life in these different ways, with all their flaws and challenges, and you may not even recognize the changes happening for you. But the things that matter most to you really matter. The problems you encounter, the pain you endure, the obstacles you come up against. How you react and how you deal with that are what you see.

A lifetime of failure is very often a journey of growth.

You can get there by doing what you believe to be true – or you can just stay on course, and you can learn how to see reality from a new perspective as it stands today.

Life coaches teach you how to find your own way. They teach you how to face each day with courage, and with purpose. They teach you how to be positive, and to celebrate the good life has to offer. They teach you how to look for happiness. They teach you how to feel good. They teach you how to be wise and confident.

Who you are matters. Your own definition of who you are matters. Your sense of being, of what is real and real is, matters. You can get there by doing what you believe to be true – or you can just stay on

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